Alex Langer
Alexander Langer is a Jewish-Canadian student in his fourth-year (or U3, whichever you’re using) at McGill University. His research interests include nationalism, ethno-sectarian conflict, and civil war. In his spare time, he writes counterfactual historical fiction and is an active member of the McGill Debating Union.

Tiffany Chae Yeon Lee
Managing Editor – Online
Tiffany Chae Yeon Lee is in her fourth and final year of studies at McGill University. Born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Canada in 2004, Tiffany is majoring in Political Science, and largely interested in the interstate relations and development of East Asia and Africa. She is an experienced public speaker and debater, and loves learning foreign languages and singing in her spare time.

Faraz Alidina
Managing Editor – Print
Faraz is a fourth year student studying Middle East Studies and Political Science. This is his third year with the McGill International Review and has previously worked with the Institute for Middle East Studies, the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and FIM-Forum for Democratic Global Governance. He plans to further pursue Islamic Studies upon graduation.

Lloyd Pinnell
Director of PR & Editor
Lloyd is a British and French U2 Economics student at McGill. His fields of interest are international relations and politics, especially concerning East Asia and the Middle East. He is the director of public relations this year and editor for the Middle East blog Ibn Khaldun.