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Benjamin Aloi
Editor in Chief, Online
Ben is a U3 student in Honours International Development with minors in Political Science and French Language & Literature. During his time at McGill, Ben has developed a deep interest in Sub-Saharan Africa (particularly South African history), Israel-Palestine, Québec politics, international political economy (IPE), trade agreements, institution-building, public policy, and urban planning & transportation. As editor-in-chief, Ben hopes to promote MIR as a versatile media platform where staff members and readers alike can explore their unique interests and curiosities, thus fostering a distinct brand of rigorous student journalism that stimulates productive conversation across divergent viewpoints and cultural contexts.
Marie Lemieux
Editor in Chief, Print
Marie is a U2 Honours student at McGill University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Religion and Globalization. She has been an editor for the MIR print journal since last year and has extensive experience in both writing and editing. Her interests include democratization, international relations and quantitative methods. She looks forward to leading MIR’s print division in 2017-2018.
Frankee Wallace
Senior Editor
Frankee is a U1 student studying political science and geography. This is her second year working with MIR and she enjoys writing about Canadian politics and foreign policy. Hailing from Burlington, Ontario, she enjoys the diverse array of perspectives that McGill has to offer.
Sarie Khalid
Senior Editor
Sarie is an Economics and Political Science double major student who has a passion for the Middle East. His hobbies include Islamism, Macroeconomic policy, Counter-Terrorism and Pink Floyd. Sarie also previously wrote for The Khaleej Times, which is one of the oldest English newspapers in the Arabian Gulf.
Jason Li
Jason is a U3 student in honours political science with minors in international development and East Asian studies. Originally hailing from outside Boston, he enjoys exploring American politics, Canadian politics, Chinese-Taiwanese relations, and international diplomacy.
Pauline Werner
Pauline is pursuing an honours degree in political science and economics with a minor in hispanic languages. She is a dual American and French citizen from Kansas City, MO in her second year at McGill. She’s interested in how domestic movements affect foreign policy and the extent to which historical international relations patters have formed our presently globalized world. She also can’t wait for you all to see the great work that MIR will do this year!
Alec Regino
Alec Regino is a U2 studying Sociology and History hailing from Biñan, Philippines. He has a passion for politics in the Asia Pacific region, globalization, the drug trade, cross-strait relations, and the dynamics of race, gender, and religion in society.
Andrew Figueiredo
Andrew Figueiredo is a first year student from Wichita, Kansas, USA studying International Development Studies and History. He has always loved politics and has been heavily involved, working on campaigns attending the United States Senate Youth Program. Andrew is also a member of IRSAM’s Model UN Delegation Team. His interests include working class political trends, campaign strategy, international power relations, political history, and economic justice. Andrew seeks to provoke intriguing discourse about global affairs and to broaden his knowledge.
Arnavi Mehta
Arnavi Mehta is a U2 student studying Honours Political Science with a minor in Economics. She was born in India and has lived in the Middle East and South East Asia, and subsequently developed an interest for the history and politics of those regions. Arnavi wants to explore the role of media and political economy in international conflicts, law and conflict resolution.
Patricia Sibal
Patricia is a U1 Political Science and International Development student, with particular interest in global human rights issues, feminism, Middle Eastern, Asian and American politics. She’s hoping that she can use MIR as a platform to express her (many and strong) opinions, educate and inform people, and learn from her fellow writers and staff.
Quinn Lazenby
Quinn Lazenby is a second year Political Science student with a minor in Sexual Diversity. He was born in Calgary, where he grew up performing musical theatre and ballet. Within the arena of international affairs, Quinn’s passion lies in feminist and queer politics.
Brian Wood
I am Brian Wood , a U2 student majoring in Political Science and International Development Studies. I was born and raised in Barbados, a small developing state in the Caribbean faced with social-economic challenges in today’s global world. Growing up in this environment, I have developed a passion for development, humanitarian assistance, and international affairs, with hope of bringing my expertise back to my country. I am mostly interested in US and UK politics as it relates to foreign policy.
Alexandra Yiannoutsos
Alexandra is a U0 student from the US, studying Political Science, Economics, and International Development Studies. Her interest in international relations have developed through her extensive travel experiences.
Luca Loggia
Luca is a a third-year Honours student in political science with a minor in psychology. Enjoying both Canadian and Italian citizenship, he was born in beautiful Victoria, British-Columbia, and raised in the cosmopolitan treasure that Montreal embodies. His fields of interest are Canadian foreign policy and Latin American politics, with a particular focus on the Venezuelan polity.
Thea Koper
Thea Koper is a second year student at McGill University majoring in Political Science and Philosophy. She is excited to join the MIR team and is fascinated by the world around her. Thea is interested in comparative politics, as well as medieval political theory, and wishes to continue studying and writing about the complicated issues this world faces.
Mimi Klein
Mimi Klein, born and raised in Los Angeles, is a third year Arts student studying International Development Honors with a minor in Marketing at McGill University. Her interests mainly focus on policy, development and social issues in Latin America and the Middle East, especially in relation to the United States.
Martin Dimitrov
Martin is an honours political science and psychology student. His academic interests are in political philosophy and the nature of the human mind. He enjoys writing about science and public policy, ethics, and religion.
Emily Hunt
Emily Hunt is an honours political science major with a minor in history, whose interests lie in American politics/intelligence as well as the transformative effects of the Arab Spring. Her hobbies include long distance running, to avoid political reality, and Harry Potter, in hope that wizards might come to help us with our muggle problems.
Jasmine Lee
Jasmine Lee is a Political Science student in her final year at McGill University. Her interests are not necessarily regional, but rather encompass all issues regarding or related to human rights and the political influence of media. She is currently travelling all over the world, making up for the 20 years of lost time she spent land-locked within Canada and the USA.
Mary Thieffry
Mary is a U2 Student majoring in Liberal Arts (History, Culture, and Society stream) and minoring in anthropology and hispanic studies. French/British/Swiss citizen currently the Canadian Dream.
Iman Lahouaoula
Iman is from Vancouver, located on the best coast, the west coast. A third year studying Honours Psychology, her passions are a seamless blend of science, international relations and history. Her areas of interests are all aspects of the Middle East and North Africa as well as the social and governmental development of Southeast Asian nations.
Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan is a second year student majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Development Studies and German. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She enjoys discussions about Canadian politics, international relations, the dwindling population of bees, and socio-economic inequalities.
Mia Trana
My name is Mia Trana. I’m a second year joint honours psychology and economics major with a minor in international development. This is my first year writing for the McGill International Review. I’m interested in gender in politics, Asian and U.S. politics. I enjoy running and catching up on sleep in my spare time.
Maddie Clark
I’m an ArtSci student double majoring in International Development Studies and Biology, and am in my freshman year (hello there USA). I’m from just outside of Washington D.C. in Northern Virginia, so politics have thoroughly inundated my area. I really had no choice but to be interested. In addition to American politics, global health fascinates me, as does human rights, specifically in Africa, both Northern and Sub-Saharan, and the Middle East. My dream is to go into medicine and work for a medical NGO (MSF, Red Cross, etc.).
Alex Sirois
Alex Sirois is a U2 Political Science major and Sociology minor. Originally from Croatia, he intends on pursuing law upon completion of his undergraduate studies at McGill. Alex is intrigued by the socio-political aspects of sports, particularly in multiethnic countries. His main regions of concerns are Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East
Kendal Webb
Kendal is a first year student studying Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. She is interested in American and international politics, the role of the international community in human rights issues, and the impact of sectarianism in the Middle East.
Amina Zaidi
Amina Zaidi is a second year Economics major and International Relations and Japanese minor. She is fascinated by International law, treaties, and globalization.
Nick Chanko
Nick Chanko is a third-year student pursing a Bachelor of Arts at McGill University. He is double majoring in History and Economics. He is most interested in U.S. history, colonial and post-colonial history, as well as economic development. Nick values the historical contextualizing of current events, hopes for a more balanced distribution of power in international relations, and supports robust economic development in a world dominated by continued globalization. Nick is also a member of MICLA, a McGill research group investigating Canadian mining in Latin America.
Eloise Goldsmith
Eloise Goldsmith is a recently graduated Political Science and Russian Language student from Washington, D.C. She is interested in security issues, gender and human rights and also enjoys writing about the Eurasia region.
Helena Martin
Helena Martin is a U1 Arts student majoring in Political Science and minoring in 2 languages. This is her second year writing for MIR. She was born in the Philippines and has lived in Singapore and Ontario. Her constant moving has given her a lot of cultural insight and experience dealing with different norms and traditions. With her writing, she aims to shed light on important immigration, diplomatic affairs, and government issues. In the future, she aims to become a diplomat in order to deal with international affairs that impact the constantly globalising world.
Marie-Hélène Gyorog
Marie-Hélène is a U3 majoring in International Development and minoring in Communications and French Literature. Growing up in a multicultural city like Geneva in Switzerland, she loves learning about cultural heritages and global immigration. Aside from being a coffee addict, she also really, really enjoys cheese.
Taylor Mitchell
From a quiet neighbourhood in Edmonton, to an apartment on the always-bustling Saint Catherine street, Taylor Mitchell is now finishing her second year at McGill University. She is an English major with a double minor in Political Science and African Studies. Most of her time is spent, however, trying to justify her degree, writing for The McGill Daily, and reading The New Yorker.
Isabel Post
Isabel Post is a U2 Political Science and Russian Language student born in London, England and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Before university, she spent a year studying Russian in Moldova and Ukraine. Her academic interests today include the development of transitional democracies in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, and the semi-autonomous breakaway republics in those regions.
Steven Polyakov
Steven is a incoming U2 student from Massachusetts, double majoring in Political Science and Economics. His research interests include European and Middle Eastern politics, particularly the changing dynamic of Europe post-Brexit and the role of foreign intervention in Middle Eastern conflicts. Since his time at McGill, Steven has slowly gained an appreciation for Canadian politics. Steven loves traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people. He hopes to utilize his interests in law, politics, economics, and international affairs to contribute to the diversity of opinions present in this publication.
Bosko Dzepina
Bosko is a first-year finance and philosophy student. Interested in global economics & finance, financial regulation, health & economic policy.
Clara Marchionini
Clara is twenty years old and was born in the South of France in a Swiss-Italian family. She’s been studying political science, economics and communication at McGill since 2015. Her experiences living in Germany, the United States, France and now Canada have led her to develop a keen interest for international relations.
Etienne Lee
Hey I’m Etienne, currently in my second year majoring in History and Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. I have a keen interest in Ghana’s Democracy, the contentious political relationship between China and Hong Kong, French Political History and the works of Derrida, mainly his Of Grammatology.
Katie McClelland
Katie McClelland is a U2 student from Maine pursuing Joint Honours in Political Science and Islamic Studies and a minor in Arabic. She is interested in writing about the Middle East, migration policy, and religion in politics.
Claudia Leung
Claudia is a second year student studying Political Science, Philosophy and Health Geography. Hailing from the ‘fragrant harbour’ that is Hong Kong, Claudia is particularly interested in Hong Kong and Chinese politics, in addition to health policy, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the future of internet law.
Ben Aloi
Media Team Head
Ben is a U2 student in Honours International Development with minors in Political Science and French Language & Literature. During his time at McGill, Ben has developed a deep interest in Sub-Saharan Africa, Israel-Palestine, international political economy (IPE), global institution-building, trade agreements, comparative politics, public policy and the intersection of culture and development work.
Rosa Rupert
Rosa is an exchange student from Leiden University, the Netherlands, specializing in International Relations, Political Philosophy and Journalism and New Media. She loves listening to (and making) radio documentaries and interviews, and is therefore initiating MIR’s one and only podcast, Review’s Radio on Demand. So stay posted!
Kate Chamberlin
Kate is a U3 International Development student minoring in Management and Environmental Studies. Her main areas of interest include Middle Eastern conflict, localized environmental obstacles, and food sustainability. With MIR’s Media Team, she hopes to help present current events and aspects of international development that are both entertaining and informative.
Neal Won
Video Editor
Born in Seoul, Neal is a U2 Urban Systems major, minoring in Philosophy. He has developed interests mainly in the former Soviet Union states and Northeast Asian affairs. He is curious about how certain nations, especially in the developed world, develop their own cultural “brands” and maintain them. He is also a passionate urbanist.
Juliette Bélis
Video Editor
Juliette is a first-year student from Paris, majoring in International Development with a potential minor in Marketing or International Business. She is very interested in issues such as International relations, the environment and global warming, American politics, secret services, art and culture, and aims at communicating ideas, news and concepts by making them accessible through films, interviews and short features.
Stephanie Fehertoi
Video Editor
Stephanie Fehertoi is in her last semester at McGill, where she majors in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in International Development. Her areas of interest include international affairs, human rights, gender equality, health and social policy, and environmental sustainability. Passionate about journalism in both its written and multimedia form, Stephanie is excited to work with MIR this year and contribute to the Media Team.
Lily Payton
Lily Payton is a first year U1 student from Washington, DC double majoring in International Development and Political Science with a minor in Persian Language. She loves filmmaking and is excited to improve this trade through MIR. Her main interest is international terrorism, focusing on Middle Eastern and American relations.
Ipek Ertan
Video Editor
Ipek has completed her double major in Political Science and International Development Studies as of Fall 2016. She is looking forward to build a career in content creation that contributes to social causes through her production skills.
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