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Joris de Mooij
People vs. The People
Joris is pursuing a Political Science and Economics double major. He grew up in the Netherlands where he became interested in politics from a young age. After his move to Washington D.C., he got involved in American politics. As an international student, Joris closely follows international relations and the rise of populism, and nationalism around the world.
Esli Chan
Asia-Pacific International Security
Esli is a U2 student from Vancouver, majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Social Entrepreneurship and East Asian Language and Literature. Having worked for the Government of Canada, her interests primarily include national security and immigration. In addition, she enjoys writing about East Asian politics from an international perspective.
Gabrielle Denis
Res Publica
Gabrielle is a U3 student in Honours Political Science, with minors in Economics and Sociology. Her interests include Southeast Asian political dynamics, the cross-cultural analysis of religious fundamentalisms, and the EU’s agricultural and forestry policy-making.
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