Author: Bosko Dzepina

Bonfire of Rules: How the Trump Administration’s Financial Deregulation Frenzy Is Putting Americans At Risk

The Trump administration is committed to aggressively push for deregulation, especially within the financial sector.

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On February 6th 2017, American money manager Frank Casey gave a talk at McGill on his instrumental role as a whistleblower in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme. His enthralling account of the scandal served as a scathing indictment of the…

The Birth of an Agribusiness Behemoth: The Far-Reaching Implications of the Controversial Bayer-Monsanto Merger

A merger between Bayer and Monsanto would create the world’s largest seed and pesticides firm, controlling more than a quarter of the global market. 	                Source:

In September 2016, after four months of bidding, German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer AG acquired American agribusiness firm Monsanto Co. for the whopping sum of $66bn, the largest German takeover of a U.S. firm to date. The deal was recently approved…