Author: Cassidy Bright

Reasons and Risks of the Continuation of Capital Punishment in the United States


For the last ten years, the United States has consistently ranked either fourth or fifth among countries with the most confirmed executions, and most commonly follows behind China, Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Although in recent decades there has been a decrease…

The Terminology of Terrorists

Daesh Flag

In a time period that promotes the importance of political correctness, this necessity has also spread to include the terms that designate terrorist groups. This is currently most clearly seen through the various titles assigned to the organisation known as the…

The Costs of Killing: Targeted Drone Strikes

American drone strikes have unintended affects.

There’s the occasional headliner that promises the game-changing targeted killing of important figures in leading terrorist organizations, but is the use of drone strikes in Middle Eastern regions really an effective technique in dismantling and destroying terrorist groups? Although it…