Blurred Lines: Hollywood meets Washington

This year the red carpet welcomed something more than its usual fare of gowned and tuxedoed celebrities attending the 2017 Oscars; this year it seemed to also bear the weight of American politics. This presence was visible in the blue ribbon pinned to the gowns of nominee for best actress for … Continue reading

The President Whisperer

President Trump began his first two weeks in office by delivering a few of his top campaign promises, issuing executive orders calling for the "construction of a wall of undetermined type, length, and height along the southern border" with Mexico, as well as a ban prohibiting the entry to … Continue reading

Iran’s “Silk Road” to Recovery

In response to the recent U.S. House of Representatives' vote to extend American sanctions on Iran for 10 more years, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated that Iran would retaliate if the legislation, known as the Iran Sanctions Extension Act (ISEA), gets passed. The ISEA would … Continue reading
Iraqi Army in Mosul

In the Shadows of Mosul

On October 17th, Iraqi forces led the advance on Mosul to recapture the city that had fallen to the self-proclaimed Islamic State in June 2014. Emboldened by their capture of Fallujah and further territory in Syria, 800 militants of the Islamic State attacked Mosul, causing between 10,000 and … Continue reading