Author: Hannah Gerber

Nigerian Government Bombs Refugee Camp: Another Failed Attempt at Defeating Boko Haram

Protesters gathering in Times Square for the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign.

After nearly a decade of fighting a bloody insurgency against this militant group, the Nigerian government has made yet another disastrous attempt at putting forward its agenda to defeat Boko Haram, a jihadist organization that in the past few years has…

Australia Deporting Nauru Island Refugees: A Scramble for Its Crumbling Reputation?

Mistreatment of asylum seekers is causing uprisings amongst Australians who question their country's democracy.

As a client state of Australia, Nauru Island has forever been dependent on the aid and resources from the Australian government in support of its temporary settlement of refugees. These resources have included detention centres and infrastructure for refugee camps,…

ICC Expands Remit to Environmental Crimes: Is This What the People of Cambodia Have Been Waiting For?


Cambodia’s land reforms in 2001 have led to over 10 years of violent and coercive land grabs, damaging the livelihoods of nearly 10,000 Cambodian citizens. These reforms initially legalized the act of spontaneous land-grabbing when such dispossession is justified by…