Author: Hannah Sandrock

Preaching Unity at McMUN 2017’s Closing Ceremonies


After four days of intense debate, creative solutions, friendly competition, and a few outrageous parties, McMUN 2017 has ended in the same way it began, pure excitement and enthusiasm. Delegates flooded into the ballroom with every ounce of remaining energy,…

McMUN 2017: Guest Speaker Karl Moore Talks “Globalization – the Long View” with the WTO


Among the many lessons that delegates will take away from the McMun experience, this guest lecture will certainly rank as one of the most enriching. With an abundance of knowledge and an enticing charisma, McGill’s very own Professor Karl Moore…

6th Legal Committee Moves to Hold Peacekeepers Accountable


The United Nations showed the breadth of its specialized legal bodies, as the 6th Legal Committee commenced its second committee session with passionate efforts to invoke UN values on international affairs. The 143 delegates present this morning were quick to recognize…