Author: Koji Shiromoto

For A Multi-Speed Europe


The European Union has been able to collectively breathe a little easier following this past Wednesday’s Dutch elections, where nationalist populist Geert Wilders significantly underperformed expectations, guaranteeing another term for centre-right PM Mark Rutte. This followed nationalist candidate Norbert Hofer…

Make Europe Great Again: Martin Schulz takes on Angela Merkel


By all accounts, 2017 was supposed to be an absolutely atrocious year for the liberal left. Coming on the heels of Brexit, the Spanish socialists’ capitulation, Matteo Renzi’s resignation, and, you know, some other stuff, this was supposed to be…

Again, The Center Cannot Hold: The Italian Referendum

The Prime Minister of Italy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi arrives at Downing Street and is Welcomed by The British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Five months ago, following the defeat of a referendum on which he had essentially staked his career, British PM David Cameron tendered his resignation, leading to widespread fears of economic instability and political uncertainty within both the UK and the…

44 States, 86 Houses, 5923 Legislators, And Almost Zero Attention: This November’s U.S State-Level Elections

Republicans have only fielded enough candidates to fill one in three of these seats. Which isn't altogether surprising, since this is Massachusetts.

Those political junkies like me anxious to see if America is marginally closer to a Trumpocalypse might find themselves hastily clicking “Refresh“ on the FiveThirtyEight election model, or the New York Times’. Those of us curious to see if the…

Towards an Alternative European Government?

Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (of the People's Party) and Parliament President Martin Schulz (of the Socialists), being more collaborative than they perhaps need to be.

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By any measure, the European Union is currently in something of a crisis, if not an outright mess – many of its economies (including two of its largest, France and Italy) have remained stagnant, members states are fighting with each…