Author: Luca Loggia

Venezuelan Petrol: Black Gold or the Devil’s Excrement ?

Students march in protest against the government of Nicolás Maduro on November 3rd. Credit: Reuters

“Ten years from now, 20 years from now, you will see [that] oil will bring us ruin.” When former Venezuelan diplomat, Juan Pablo Perez Alfonzo, spoke those words in the 1970s, his statement was predictably greeted with puzzlement, at a…

Argentina’s Mauricio Macri and Austerity: The Calm Before the Storm

Argentine President Mauricio Macri

credit: Flickr Creative Commons

When Mauricio Macri came to power last November, narrowly defeating Daniel Scioli in the second round of the presidential election, his triumph caused shockwaves across Latin America. The victory of Buenos Aires’ former mayor was heralded as the prelude to…

Bolivarian Gatekeepers: the Road to Military Praetorianism

Former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez with the National Armed Forces.
Credits: Archives

Hugo Chávez was able to galvanize support and loyalty among the peasants during his tenure as president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela through the implementation of what he referred to as “twenty-first century socialism.” Quiescence was maintained via generous…