Author: Michelle Klein

Coffee and Gentrification


Development in most cases disguises itself as the advancement of society by creating a better atmosphere to live in terms of social and economic standards. In the case of urban development, new businesses selling higher value items seems beneficial for the…

Wet Foot, Dry Foot: Obama’s Race to U.S. – Cuban Normalization
Cuban Flag

After 2 years of repairing Cold War wounds between the United States and Cuba, Obama announced the end of the 22-year-old “wet foot, dry foot” policy which granted Cubans special status to remain in the country and gain legal residency without visas.…

The Amazon Rainforest: A Key to Our Future

Aerial view of the Amazon in Brazil.

©Neil Palmer/CIAT

Pipeline consciousness has become increasingly widespread on social media, but it’s time to address another environmentally relevant topic that rarely appears on Facebook feeds: The Amazon rainforest. This beautiful landscape stretches across 5.5 million square kilometres, contains 20 percent of…

The Big Question: Donald Trump and Latin America

Donald Trump shakes hand with Mexican president Peña Nieto.

The world woke up to an alternate universe on November 9, 2016 as businessman and “Celebrity Apprentice” host Donald Trump was chosen to be the next leader of the free world. The world responded in disbelief as the United States validated…