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Baracking Down the Obama Legacy

Obama passionately addresses a crowd.

Unquestionably, the incoming Trump administration represents a shift away from President Obama’s administration. While I remain worried for the US under Trump, I recently decided that the last days of President Obama’s second term are a fitting time to ponder…

My CIC Experience

**Note: This blog post is meant to suggest improvements with the immigration system based on my personal experience, and it is by no means a true case for all visa applications. No immigration system is perfect. For the most part,…

The Scattered French Left

A kiosk of the French Socialist Party in 2007.

“Today, I am conscious of the risks that would arise from an approach, such as mine, that would not gather up to a great extent.” This is how François Hollande announced that he would not run for a second five-year…

Fillon Did It. Now What?

François Fillon at the World Economic Forum in 2008.

François Fillon (Les Républicains/LR) has now become the official conservative candidate for the 2017 French presidential elections. Winning the Republican primaries with 67% of the votes, he has outmatched the 33% of the Centrist Alain Juppé. What now? Fillon, up till now an…

Another Fracture, This Time in France

François Fillon

Brexit, President-elect Trump and now François Fillon in the front row since the first round of the French Republican primaries. In each case, research institutes have failed to forecast the outcome. And it is not a triffling incident. Indeed, Alain…

DACA policy and Its Recipients

Photograph of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security logo.

Unlike Canada, the United States prides itself in its “melting pot” of cultures. Immigrants are welcome as long as they assimilate to the American culture, language, and values. This has created the rich American culture formed from a variety of…