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Professor Megan Bradley on Forced Migration & The Global Refugee Crisis

MIR is pleased to present the latest video in our semester-long video series, Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump:

McGill political science and international development professor Megan Bradley (PhD, Oxford) speaks to us on forced migration and the global refugee crisis, as well as its impact on recipient countries like Canada and Turkey. Dr. Bradley is also a fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and the author of Refugee Repatriation: Justice, Responsibility and Redress (2013).

Video Production:
Kate Chamberlin (videography)
Ipek Ertan (editing)
Ben Aloi (interview)

Genetic Discrimination and Liberal Backbenchers’ Opposition

Last Wednesday, the House of Commons passed Liberal MP Rob Oliphant’s Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, also known as Bill S-201, thereby outlawing the practise of genetic discrimination in Canada. In other words, individuals may not be discriminated against due to genetic…

No Clean Water for First Nation Communities: Repeated Settler Colonialism Within the Canadian Liberal Government

Canada holds one fifth of the planet’s fresh water. Moreover, according to the United Nations development program, over 99.8 percent of Canadians have access to clean drinking water and clean water for sanitation purposes. Yet in March 2016, Health Canada…

“Welcome to Canada”: Message of Hope or False Promise?

Trump’s Executive Order on refugees and immigrants devastated many American nationals and has caused outcry within the international community. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immediate reaction was to declare that Canada welcomes refugees on his Twitter account. However, his declaration may be…

Does Canada Have a New Border Issue?

It appears that President Donald Trump’s new policies and strict attitude towards immigration has prompted more refugees to head for their northern neighbour. Quebec and Manitoba, in particular, have seen more people enter the country illegally through treacherous land routes…

Julius Grey on “Romantic Individualism”

MIR is pleased to present the next video in our ongoing series, Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump:

Julius Grey, renowned civil rights lawyer and former McGill Law Professor (1977-2002), on his philosophy of “Romantic Individualism”

Video Production:
Benjamin Aloi
Kate Chamberlin

Interview with Michael Chong: The Candidate for the Conservative Party Leadership On Kellie Leitch, Nationalism and the Normalization of Hate

Originally published in French on Februrary 6, 2017: During a recent meet-and-greet in downtown Montréal, Mr. Chong agreed to speak with me on several pertinent questions pervading this campaign for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Chong…