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Review’s Radio: Canadian Same Sex Marriage, a Story about Love, Rights and International Impact

In the fifth episode of Review’s Radio on Demand: a story about unintentional and unexpected Canadian leadership in the legalization of same sex marriage worldwide. In her beautiful MISC ‘Sabbatical’ office, Professor Valerie Korinek elaborates on her very interesting new research on the Canadian redefinition of marriage and the history of gay and lesbian marriage activism.

A radio documentary on love, rights and international impact, curated by Rosa Rupert.




Fighting for Gender Pay Equality, One Minute at a Time

Every year on October 24th, women in Iceland finish their work, pack their bags, and leave work at —what might seem to some— a very peculiar, prespecified time. This October, it was 2:38 pm, or 86% of the Icelandic work day. In…

Review’s Radio: Report of an Interesting Walk through “Through Tragedy We Transform”


For this fourth episode of Review’s Radio on Demand, I had the privilege of walking through the Visual Arts Collection’s display of the fascinating transformation of McGill University following the Great War before the official opening. What is the impact…

Canada’s Questionable Relationship

LAV3s set to be sold to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are pictured during an exercise by the Canadian military.

The Canadian military has authorized the use of one of its bases for testing and quality assurance by General Dynamics Land Systems, a private defence contractor who is set to provide the $15-billion sale of light-armoured vehicles to the Kingdom…