The President Whisperer

President Trump began his first two weeks in office by delivering a few of his top campaign promises, issuing executive orders calling for the "construction of a wall of undetermined type, length, and height along the southern border" with Mexico, as well as a ban prohibiting the entry to … Continue reading
(Image by Ron Sombilon Gallery)

What’s in Store for Canadian Trade?

Donald Trump’s accession to presidency of the United States has given Canadians a plethora of reasons to be worried. His insistence on withdrawing from or renegotiating free trade agreements with Canada is perhaps the biggest worry. Canada’s exports to the U.S. account for 74% of the … Continue reading

Science’s March on Washington

Recently in the United States, legislation has been proposed in a number of states targeting the established science curricula in schools. The Senate of South Dakota approved a measure that “prohibits school boards from preventing teachers from questioning established scientific theories.” … Continue reading