MIR Year in Review collage

A Year in Review (2016-2017)

Looking back at my initial post as editor in chief is a little surreal. Even then, I knew that the next twelve months were going to be tumultuous. The rise of far right rhetoric around the world hasn’t slowed down, and armed conflict seems to be skulking in the shadows, on the verge of exploding … Continue reading
In Remembrance

In Remembrance

November 11th is the day we are supposed to remember, but November 8th will prove to be the day that is the hardest to forget. I and many other Canadians wear a poppy today, as we do every year, to serve as a reminder of what happens when disunity promotes conflict. I am torn in what to believe. I … Continue reading

Welcome to MIR Online: 2016-2017

The next 12 months hold a number of events and challenges that will shape the course of history. In North America and Europe, nationalism and isolationism are on the rise. Conflict in the Middle East continues, with the ramifications from Turkey’s coup and the future of both Syria and Yemen still … Continue reading