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Hidden Truths behind the DR Congo’s Kasai Conflict

After a two-week disappearance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo), the remains of United Nations Humanitarian Experts Swede Zaida Catalán, American Michael Sharp, and their Congolese interpreter Betu Tshintela were discovered in a shallow grave on March 28…

Are All Refugees Treated Equally?

With the summer months looming ahead, many of us imagine being on a beach with the scorching sun on our backs, calmly erasing any stress from the previous year. For others, a much darker reality lies ahead. The same water,…

Not African Enough? : In Conversation with African Diaspora Youth

MIR is pleased to present the next video in our ongoing series, Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump:

Last month, the McGill African Students Society (MASS) hosted its 4th annual African Development Convention, a three-day series of panels united by the theme of “African in the 4th Dimension: Development on a Continuum.” This closing panel, “Not African Enough? : In Conversation with African Diaspora Youth,” examined diverse perspectives of Pan-African identity in the context of present-day Montréal and New York, both vibrant metropolises home to large African diaspora populations.

Video Production:
Ben Aloi (media team leader)
Kate Chamberlin (camera)
Ipek Ertan (video editing)

HIV/AIDS in Tanzania and the Plight of Homosexuals

For many Westerners, AIDS is something that is rarely thought about, and certainly not confronted on a regular basis throughout our daily lives. Despite how well known this disease is, it is easy to distance oneself from its effects and prevalence when its…

Macron, Colonisation et Confusion

Emmanuel Macron, candidat centriste à l’élection présidentielle française, était en voyage à Alger ces 13 et 14 février. Il y a alors déclaré: «la colonisation est un crime contre l’humanité», dont la France est responsable, divisant l’opinion des Français: les uns…

Somalia Elects “Cheese” to the Presidency

Somalia has been stuck in a consistent cycle of chaos and disorder for nearly three decades, but on Wednesday, February 8th, a glimmer of hope for a more stable and less bloody future emerged when small group of politicians elected…