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Macron’s Victory Won’t Thwart Populism

At a quiet dinner hosted by former presidential aide Jacques Attali in 2008, then Socialist Party First Secretary François Hollande asked a young investment banker if he had any aspirations for political office in the future. The investment banker was…

The Way Back from Islamic Extremism Starts with the West

The loss of life outside of Westminster on the 22nd of March is a sight which unfortunately now summons feelings of déjà vu. When reports came of Khalid Masood running his car into casual bystanders, killing 3 and hospitalizing dozens…

2017 French Presidential Election: De Gaulle Would Not Be Impressed

Since its beginnings, Charles de Gaulle’s Fifth Republic has seen an alternating succession of mainstream conservative and socialist coalitions. The last elections in 2012 were no exception, as incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy, a conservative, lost to socialist candidate François Hollande.…

What Happened to Competition in Russia?

“Competitive authoritarian regimes [are] competitive, in that democratic institutions are not merely a façade: opposition parties use them to seriously contest for power; but they are authoritarian in that opposition forces are handicapped by a highly uneven – and sometimes…

Universal Income, a Universal Solution?

Ontario is set to introduce a universal income program targeting adults between the ages of 18 and 65 in the coming spring. It will be $1320 CAD a month for a single person and potentially more for those with disabilities. It…

French Populism in The Age of Democratic Dysfunction

In 2013, a survey revealed that 87% of the respondents agreed that France needed a true chief to put things back in order. This need for a strong executive is well-entrenched in French political DNA. Jean Garrigues, a French historian,…

Professor Megan Bradley on Forced Migration & The Global Refugee Crisis

MIR is pleased to present the latest video in our semester-long video series, Multiculturalism in the Age of Trump:

McGill political science and international development professor Megan Bradley (PhD, Oxford) speaks to us on forced migration and the global refugee crisis, as well as its impact on recipient countries like Canada and Turkey. Dr. Bradley is also a fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and the author of Refugee Repatriation: Justice, Responsibility and Redress (2013).

Video Production:
Kate Chamberlin (videography)
Ipek Ertan (editing)
Ben Aloi (interview)