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Making Amends: U.S. Military Talks Turkey

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America’s former ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, once noted, “you have to deal with the Turkey you have, rather than the one you’d like to have,” underscoring the importance of America’s critical Middle Eastern ally regardless of its leaders’ ideological leanings.…

A Democracy in Dissolution


It is interesting to note that in Turkish there are two words for peace. The first, barış, denotes reconciliation and togetherness. The second, huzur, has connotations of tranquility and stability, but not harmony or justice. This latter is the word…

The Jerusalem Question

A sign calling for peace over the dispute over Jerusalem  between Israel and Palestine. The sovereignty of Jerusalem is one of the central issues in the ongoing conflict.

President Trump has declared his intention to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The proposed move is much more than a simple relocation; it has the potential to reignite violence in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.…