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French 2017 Elections: Terrorism, Prisons and Justice


At last, a consensus! Apparently, the republican candidates for the French primaries agree on one thing: the vital need for new prison cells. In 2016, there were 68,253 people for 58,311 only spaces. Poisson thus plans for 30.000 new ones, Sarkozy, Copé…

J. F. Poisson: The Outsider Republican

J. F. Poisson.

The first TV debate of the 2017 French primaries took place this Wednesday, and it did two things: it maintained the Juppé/Sarkozy status quo while it propelled an as of now unknown candidate, namely Jean-Frédéric Poisson. At first glance indeed,…

Introduction to the French Republican Primaries

French primaries are approaching

Hello readers, This blog is dedicated to the French presidential primaries of November 2016, which shall designate the Republican candidate for the presidential elections in April 2017. As it now allows the general public to vote, such an election is…