Has the American Dream Moved to Canada?

Immigrants choose to leave their country of origin for better opportunities. May it be for employment, education, or safety, people are willing to take a significant risk to start their lives again in a new location. For the longest time, people were so drawn to the idea of the American Dream: a … Continue reading

Does Canada Have a New Border Issue?

It appears that President Donald Trump’s new policies and strict attitude towards immigration has prompted more refugees to head for their northern neighbour. Quebec and Manitoba, in particular, have seen more people enter the country illegally through treacherous land routes from the US. The … Continue reading

The Shooting, Quebec, and Bill 62

In light of the shooting in Quebec City on January 29th, the provincial government has revisited the problems of immigration and racism. The central discussion revolved around Bill 62, which calls to limit the wearing of religious symbols, and the debates were about whether or not its scope shall … Continue reading