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Hello Darkness My Old Friend – Renewed Tensions in the Western Balkans

Translation from Russian: Kosovska Mitrovica: Kosovo is Serbian; Crimea is Russian. Mitrovica, Kosovo. https://flic.kr/p/nMsACR

Violence has engulfed the Donbas as conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed separatists gains a new lease on life; Estonians arm themselves in fear of a Russian onslaught. Meanwhile, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina the ceasefire constitution is starting to seem as more…

Terra Nullius – Georgia’s Shifting Frontiers


At the annual celebration of the Russian Geographical Society in Saint Petersburg last November, Russian President Vladimir Putin engaged in topographical discourse with a nine-year-old boy who claimed he knew every border in the world. The President wanted to know…

Where East Meets West – Montenegro’s Pledge to Europe

Djukanović supporters celebrate electoral victory

On the 16th of October, Montenegro held its second parliamentary election since independence from Serbia in 2006. Political pundits from London to Moscow labeled these elections as a historical moment in the country’s path. The contest pit the pro-western Democratic Party of…

Opening Up Old Wounds – Political Instability in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The past week will be remembered as a historical landmark in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) accession to the European Union. Or at least it would have been had there not been an anti-constitutional referendum held by one of the state’s two political entities. In…