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In Defense of Citizen Diplomacy

ECA Exchange Alumni https://flic.kr/p/nbFNga

On September 10th 2001, a phone call between two high-priority Al-Qaeda operatives in Afghanistan was intercepted by U.S. intelligence. The NSA didn’t have enough linguists, and the Arabic language phone call entered a long line of messages waiting to be…

Donald Trump: Budget Cuts That Just Don’t Cut It

Donald Trump 
credit: https://flic.kr/p/uu688p

President Trump recently released his much-anticipated budget plan on March 16th, proposing sizable cuts that make even his Republican voters scratch their heads. It was no question that Trump’s proposed budget plan was going to reflect his rather controversial presidential…

Trump’s New Budget: Is the Wall Worth It?


The Trump administration has proposed their budget for 2018, and the primary focus of the plan is to increase national security and border control. Without increasing the national debt, the plan aims to increase spending on national defence by making…

Rethinking Equalization

Parliament of Canada, Courtesy of joiseyshowaa at Flickr Creative Commons

Canada’s total government debt (including both federal and provincial) stands at roughly $1.2 trillion, and over $500 billion of the debt is born by the provinces [1]. Although the federal government’s portion of total debt is still higher, this will…