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Power to the Ignorant

Donald Trump promised to clean house, but is he endagering the US with his cabinet picks?

Demos kratos – Greek for democracy, or rule by the people. Res publica – Latin for public affair, referring to a state that represents the people. The classical civilizations seemed optimistic enough in their structural experiments that they failed to come up…

Facebook and Fake News in the 2016 Election

Facebook and Fake News in the 2016 Election https://flic.kr/p/tETBU1

As Americans reflect on the 2016 election, many left-leaning voters are pointing a finger at Facebook, condemning them for allowing fake news to circulate. In the past week, Mark Zuckerberg has quickly changed his attitude towards fake news on Facebook,…

44 States, 86 Houses, 5923 Legislators, And Almost Zero Attention: This November’s U.S State-Level Elections

Republicans have only fielded enough candidates to fill one in three of these seats. Which isn't altogether surprising, since this is Massachusetts.

Those political junkies like me anxious to see if America is marginally closer to a Trumpocalypse might find themselves hastily clicking “Refresh“ on the FiveThirtyEight election model, or the New York Times’. Those of us curious to see if the…

The Social Media Election


In the 2016 US Presidential election, it is clear that Facebook has become a major platform for political discussion. Facebook allows users to voice their own opinions and share information from non-mainstream news sources that could otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, users who already…

Where East Meets West – Montenegro’s Pledge to Europe

Djukanović supporters celebrate electoral victory

On the 16th of October, Montenegro held its second parliamentary election since independence from Serbia in 2006. Political pundits from London to Moscow labeled these elections as a historical moment in the country’s path. The contest pit the pro-western Democratic Party of…

The Fate of Republicans

House Speaker Paul Ryan https://flic.kr/p/EMBmDU

In a mere ten days, the next leader of the free world will be appointed, and for better or worse we will be shuttled towards the future of America. The latest polls show a tightening race that suggests an unpredictable…

Immigrants and the Election in the United States


On average, the United States welcomes about 3,000 new citizens a day. As a nation of immigrants, the USA continuously faces newcomers’ issues and policies. With the influx of Syrian refugees, immigration has become an especially important topic in the…