A Democracy in Dissolution

It is interesting to note that in Turkish there are two words for peace. The first, barış, denotes reconciliation and togetherness. The second, huzur, has connotations of tranquility and stability, but not harmony or justice. This latter is the word that Turkey’s president uses when he says … Continue reading
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The Turkey-Russia Rapprochement

Nearly a month following the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, we have seen neither a Russian démarche nor a reprisal against the Turkish government for the security oversight that allowed the gunman to enter the Ankara art gallery on the evening of December 20th. … Continue reading

Erdoğan’s Gamble

Whilst the West has been caught in a whirl of angst and apprehension following the results of the American election, arguably more concerning changes to the international balance of power have been unfolding in the Near East. In his most recent diatribe, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has … Continue reading