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Jeff Sessions and Relationships with Russia

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

On March 1st, allegations arose of US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, communicating with the Russian ambassador to the US during Trump’s campaign. This occurred after Sessions was questioned about relationships between Trump’s administration and The Kremlin during his confirmation hearings in…

Distract, Deceive, Repeat

Current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a longtime Trump backer, communicated with the Russian government despite his denials.

Last Saturday, President Donald Trump sent out perhaps one of the strangest tweets of his presidency thus far. He alleged (somehow misspelling “tap” in the process) that former President Obama had tapped the phones at Trump Tower to gain campaign…

Breaking the Cycle of the Chicago Police Department


In the summer of 2016, I worked as an embedded journalist for Mikva Challenge, a Chicago-based non-profit. The organization was founded 30 years ago by Judge Abner Mikva, a progressive jurist who believed that young people could be a force…