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Jeff Sessions and Relationships with Russia

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

On March 1st, allegations arose of US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, communicating with the Russian ambassador to the US during Trump’s campaign. This occurred after Sessions was questioned about relationships between Trump’s administration and The Kremlin during his confirmation hearings in…

Donald Trump and Voter Fraud


In his first official meeting on January 23rd, Donald Trump claimed that the only reason he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton was because of the votes of millions of illegal immigrants. Illegal voting has been a popular topic of…

Facebook and Fake News in the 2016 Election

Facebook and Fake News in the 2016 Election https://flic.kr/p/tETBU1

As Americans reflect on the 2016 election, many left-leaning voters are pointing a finger at Facebook, condemning them for allowing fake news to circulate. In the past week, Mark Zuckerberg has quickly changed his attitude towards fake news on Facebook,…

The Social Media Election


In the 2016 US Presidential election, it is clear that Facebook has become a major platform for political discussion. Facebook allows users to voice their own opinions and share information from non-mainstream news sources that could otherwise go unnoticed. Additionally, users who already…

The Road to the Future

Google's self-driving car 

On September 19th, the United States government released new guidelines for self-driving cars in an attempt to make self-driving technology more transparent. To avoid over regulation, the guidelines are ambiguous and intended to evolve alongside the technology. Yet a number…