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Are All Refugees Treated Equally?

A Refugee Camp 

With the summer months looming ahead, many of us imagine being on a beach with the scorching sun on our backs, calmly erasing any stress from the previous year. For others, a much darker reality lies ahead. The same water,…

Does Canada Have a New Border Issue?


It appears that President Donald Trump’s new policies and strict attitude towards immigration has prompted more refugees to head for their northern neighbour. Quebec and Manitoba, in particular, have seen more people enter the country illegally through treacherous land routes…

Making Amends: U.S. Military Talks Turkey

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 8.52.50 PM

America’s former ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, once noted, “you have to deal with the Turkey you have, rather than the one you’d like to have,” underscoring the importance of America’s critical Middle Eastern ally regardless of its leaders’ ideological leanings.…

Let Them in, for Goodness Sake!: Negotiation Talks Cease for Turkey’s EU Accession

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As one of the Central Powers, the Ottoman Empire found itself on the losing side of the First World War. Shortly after, “the sick man of Europe” underwent a secularist revolution under the guidance of Turkish nationalist, nation-builder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk…

A Year After Landing: Syrian Refugees in Canada


Last December, Canada welcomed its first batch of Syrian refugees to Toronto. Since then, the Trudeau government has welcomed more than 34,000 Syrian refugees into the country. While they are safe from war in Canada, a significant number of them…

Erdoğan’s Gamble


Whilst the West has been caught in a whirl of angst and apprehension following the results of the American election, arguably more concerning changes to the international balance of power have been unfolding in the Near East. In his most recent…

Australia Deporting Nauru Island Refugees: A Scramble for Its Crumbling Reputation?

Mistreatment of asylum seekers is causing uprisings amongst Australians who question their country's democracy. https://flic.kr/p/nkVfSB

As a client state of Australia, Nauru Island has forever been dependent on the aid and resources from the Australian government in support of its temporary settlement of refugees. These resources have included detention centres and infrastructure for refugee camps,…