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Making Amends: U.S. Military Talks Turkey

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America’s former ambassador to Turkey, James Jeffrey, once noted, “you have to deal with the Turkey you have, rather than the one you’d like to have,” underscoring the importance of America’s critical Middle Eastern ally regardless of its leaders’ ideological leanings.…

Trump’s Executive Order: Will It Be Effective?


American president Donald Trump signed an executive order that closed the country’s borders to refugees. It will temporarily suspend refugee admissions for 120 days while the screening process is reviewed, cut the refugee cap in half, and ban citizens of…

The Turkey-Russia Rapprochement

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Nearly a month following the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, we have seen neither a Russian démarche nor a reprisal against the Turkish government for the security oversight that allowed the gunman to enter the Ankara art…

Does the UN do Anything? A Review of 2016

United Nations General Assembly

The newly-elected United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres kicked off the new year with a stirring speech, highlighting the importance of overcoming differences and working as a team in “putting peace first”. Guerres offers an optimistic alternative to the turmoil and discord United Nations…

Barack of Arabia: Obama’s Diplomatic Legacy in the Middle East


Eight years ago, President Obama electrified the world with the promises to end the wars of his predecessor in Iraq and Afghanistan, close down Guantanamo Bay and end America’s traditional support for autocrats and dictators in the Middle East. History dealt…