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Tsunami Watch: Blue Wave Coming?

All political eyes are turned to Wichita, KS.

The ingredients for a rising wave were all there. The controversial Republican president’s approval rating sat at an abysmal 28%. As elections approached, a special election was declared for the early springtime in a district that had been Republican since the…

Unintelligent Intelligence


Recently, Congressman Devin Nunes of California, chair of the Intelligence Committee, revealed that Donald Trump’s team was caught up in incidental surveillance conducted during the election cycle. While this development was reported as a seeming vindication of President Trump’s controversial…

Yemen has been Starving to Death

Over half Mazrak camp's residents are children under 18-years old, many of them are malnourished, with upwards of a thousand cases of severe malnourishment.

While going through one of its worst conflicts with no hope for a timely settlement, Yemen’s humanitarian situation is going downhill. A few days ago, the United Nations published a worrying statement on how  Yemen and three other countries are about…


Many activists are upset with the GOPs moves on healthcare and the budget.

The 1956 Republican Party platform calls for “reductions in taxes with particular consideration for low and middle income families,” brags about Eisenhower’s minimum wage increases, and calls for the strengthening of programs like social security. The 1950s and 1960s were…

Trump’s New Budget: Is the Wall Worth It?


The Trump administration has proposed their budget for 2018, and the primary focus of the plan is to increase national security and border control. Without increasing the national debt, the plan aims to increase spending on national defence by making…

Has the American Dream Moved to Canada?


Immigrants choose to leave their country of origin for better opportunities. May it be for employment, education, or safety, people are willing to take a significant risk to start their lives again in a new location. For the longest time,…

Distract, Deceive, Repeat

Current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a longtime Trump backer, communicated with the Russian government despite his denials.

Last Saturday, President Donald Trump sent out perhaps one of the strangest tweets of his presidency thus far. He alleged (somehow misspelling “tap” in the process) that former President Obama had tapped the phones at Trump Tower to gain campaign…

After the Vote-A Unified DNC

Tom Perez, now DNC chair, addresses a crowd.

From Saturday’s Democratic National Committee leadership vote, my favourite chair candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, emerged not as a victor in his race, but as a rising Democratic star with higher stock. The main two candidates, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison…

Does Canada Have a New Border Issue?


It appears that President Donald Trump’s new policies and strict attitude towards immigration has prompted more refugees to head for their northern neighbour. Quebec and Manitoba, in particular, have seen more people enter the country illegally through treacherous land routes…