Welcome to The Whisky Rebellion

marsmet541 via Flickr

marsmet541 via Flickr

Welcome to The Whisky Rebellion, American foreign policy and international affairs for American patriots.

217 years ago, George Washington cautioned the nation in his farewell address against entangling ourselves overseas and take advantage of the isolation the ocean provided to focus on domestic issues. By this point however, we had already signed a treaty of friendship with Morocco and almost immediately began military action in North Africa. Since then, we have grappled with what direction to take in our foreign relations. Do we engage others dynamically on the world stage, or wait for everyone to go away? When is exporting freedom not a good idea? These questions and more will be tackled on The Whisky Rebellion.

Every week I will deal with a topic in American foreign policy – from trade deals to alliances to military intervention – and I promise to talk about the issues that matter to real Americans. None of that Communist hooplah from other news source. Just the insights of a small government-minded, God-fearing, liberty-loving patriot.

-Michael Ross